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Flat Surfaces

Welcome to the flat surfaces wiki! A mailing-list also exists.

This wiki aims to be

  • the new location of the former wild surfaces wiki (an evolutive encyclopedia of concrete translation surfaces).
  • a place to share development about translation surfaces in Sage.
  • anything you want, related to translation surfaces.

Feel free to edit.

As Sage is written in python, it's easy to interface any program with it. For example the biggest part of Sage is constituted of other softwares... More than starting new code, think about interfacing your own project with Sage (especially if it's efficient and written in C/C++) and connect it with other projects. For development, some of us uses the sage-combinat centralized server of patches (a Mercurial repository). This is a good starting point for sharing development version of projects. See especially the step by step tutorial for installing and using it.

Sage usage and development

We list in the page Sage usage how to use Sage in order to use strata of Abelian and quadratic differentials, generic surfaces, Interval Exchange transformations, square tiled surfaces, ...

Here is list of current libraries that are or will be soon in Sage

  • interval exchange transformations (a Sage component since the version 4.3.1, Vincent Delecroix Marseille). The library is based on the Zorich's software for Mathematica. It allows to construct interval exchange transformation and flat surfaces using Rauzy induction. Here is an example of a self similar surface in H(2):


Next events

  • ?

Past events

  • Billiards, Flat Surfaces, and Dynamics on Moduli Spaces (Oberwolfach 8 to 14 of May 2011)
  • Teichmüller theory in Bonn (May to July 2010)
  • Sage days 20 at CIRM (22 to 26 of February 2010)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft: mathematical Billards, in Oberwolfach (4 to 10 of April 2010)
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