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Triangulation Of Flat Surfaces

Starting of an implementation

This week-end, Thierry started writing a class for translation surfaces given by polygons based on G-maps. Already implemented:

  • description of edges, vertices, faces
  • checking whether the input is correct
  • action of SL(2,R)
  • edge flip when the edge is surrounded by two triangles
  • triangulating the surface

Implementation in progress:

  • Delaunay trianglulation
  • testing the equality of two surfaces
  • conical angle
  • stratum

Looking at existing libraries for

  • ribbon graphs, graphs on surfaces, cartographic map, ...
  • triangulations
  • flat stuff

A page already exists at


Some links

  • Qhull: computing convex hull, Delaunay triangulation (only for R^d with d <= 9)
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