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This website is a wiki, which means that you can edit its pages and create some new ones, without any prior validation. There is no danger to do that since all the versions of the pages are saved, so it will always be possible to backtrack. So, what are you waiting for?

Plus d'infos :


When you edit some page, you can add your (nick-)name on the Author field. If you want to have a permanent account, please send an e-mail to twiki -at- with a login and a password (that you are not using for another purpose). Once your nickname is registered, you will be able to connec by clicking on the "Login" linlk on the bottom of any page.


This website is hosted on a home server and runs


This website uses the free-software

Helping out

If you want to give a hand, it is possible, for example:

  • you can help in making data redundancy, by downloading some backups (currently desactivated).
  • if you want to be involved in maintaining this wiki, you are welcome, just send an e-mail.
  • if you have some unused RAM PC100, it will be added to the current 128 MB to avoid disk swap.
  • you can host a small server, therefore participating to the network decentralization.


If you want to protect your private life, it is up to you to use appropriate tools, like the TOR project.

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